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Hive is free software: it is available to you under the GNU General Public License.

To access the Hive code, feel free to download a release version from the
Hive project page. From there the binary version and the source to the Hive-base and the Hive-applications are available. Once you have downloaded Hive, you may want to follow our getting started guide. Please be sure you understand the security implications of using Hive before running it.

Special note for Windows users: if you are having trouble unpacking these files, don't open them from your browser - instead, save them to disk and make sure the name ends in ".tar.gz". Then WinZip should be able to handle open it.

Release Notes
New classes, changes, and bugfixes for Hive 19991210.
The main Hive binary distribution, contains all the jar files you need to run Hive.
Source code for the base Hive system
Source code for all Hive applications
Javadoc references for Hive.
User's guide for Hive.
The jarfiles you need to build Hive. Also included in the main binary distribution.
A small self-contained Hive application, useful as a demonstration of how to build your own projects.

There are a couple of bugs in the 19991210 release of Hive, which we would like to solve for our uesrs, however since development has progress through 20000327, any changes we make in that release cannot be directly applied to the stable release. The patch file contains the source and binary version of the classes that are being effected -- either replace the source file you have and recompile, replace the class file in the jar, or (the ugly solution), put this class file in the classpath before your binary version of hive.

Patch for CellCommand
Fixes some command line parsing, and not it can actually find the CellControlAgent on the cell

This version of Hive is not as "bleeding edge" as that which is accessible via CVS -- it is relatively stable, however it is not fully tested, and its interoperability with previous versions of Hive is not guaranteed. Its availibity is to allow developers and users to experiement with upcoming features of the system, and to allow us to get feedback on the improvements and changes. These versions are usually not as well documented, but as always, the Hive team are always available to help out.

Release Notes
Notes for the 20000521 devel release.
Source for the full devel system.
Javadoc references for Hive.
A small self-contained Hive application, useful as a demonstration of how to build your own projects. This version should be compatible with this devel release.

Last Modified: March 30, 2000
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