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March 1988
First Straum code written. Straum was the beginning of Hive's software base, before the TTT applications, semantic descriptions, and shadow architecture.
May 1998
First mobile agents running between servers
August 1998
Nelson's master's thesis on Straum submitted.
September 1998
Matthew and Oliver join project, Straum gets repurposed to be a toolkit for TTT
October 1998
First large-scale Hive system run inside the Media Lab, as part of the TTT open house. 5 computers with roughly 40 agents. The system mostly worked fine, although the UI died occasionally.
October 1998
Raffi Krikorian joins the project
January 1999
First internal Hive release: 167 files, 15000 lines
March 1999
Other groups in the Media Lab use Hive for their projects, larger networked system runs involving lots of people's agents.
March 1999
199 files, 20000 lines of code
May 1999
Matthew and Oliver submit their master's theses
June 1999
219 files, 24000 lines of code
June 1999
Orton and Tucker join the project
October 1999
First public release of the Hive software!
October 1999
First Hive publication presented at ASA/MA

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