Moving Administration out of the Media Lab



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We're lazy.

Well, that's not really true -- we're coders and dreamers, and we make no claim to be great project adminstrators. We battle too long and hard on Java code to setup web servers, anonymous CVS access, mailing lists, and bug trackers for all our work. So when SourceForge came along, we immediately talked about moving there. Of course, since we were busy at the time, we didn't actually get around to doing the move until February 2000.

So now, everything is accessible through our Hive project page. We also have our own domain -- you can reach our web pages there at and all our e-mail addresses and mailing lists are now through that domain. Everybody on the mailing lists before are now on the new ones.

Now finally, we can get back to doing some real work.

Last Modified: May 20, 2000
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