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Hive: Distributed Agents for Networking Things, Nelson Minar, Matthew Gray, Oliver Roup, Raffi Krikorian, and Pattie Maes, August 1999.
This paper is the best to learn about Hive, it is an overview of our work and our goals. Presented at ASA/MA 99.
Wearable Computing Meets Ubiquitous Computing: Reaping the Best of Both Worlds, Bradley Rhodes, Nelson Minar, and Josh Weaver, October 1999.
Paper describing Hive applied to wearable computing, doing ubiquitous computing like things. Presented at ISWC '99.

Master's Theses

Designing an Ecology of Distributed Agents, Nelson Minar, August 1998.
Nelson Minar's master's thesis, sketches out the basics of the ecology of distributed agents idea in Hive.
Hive: A Toolkit for Things That Think, Oliver Roup, May 1999.
Oliver Roup's master's thesis. Gives an overview of Hive with many Things That Think scenarios.
Infrastructure for an Intelligent Kitchen, Matthew Gray, May 1999.
Matthew Gray's master's thesis. Describes applying Hive in the kitchen domain, also goes into detail about our semantic description framework.

Media Mentions

The Networking of Everyday Things, Bill Machrone, July 1999.
PC Magazine story that mentions Hive, other related Media Lab projects.
Agents That Move for Things That Think, Dennis Taylor, March/April 2000.
A good overview on Hive from IEEE Intelligent Systems

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